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Study on the Importance of Creative Drawing to Children's Creative Thinking Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.136


Xiaohua Huang, and Yueyun Shao

Corresponding Author

Xiaohua Huang


Compared with other artistic forms, creative painting is interesting and gameplay, and children are more willing to accept and experience it. Through the training of creative drawing, it is helpful to construct children's creative thinking. In the training process of creative painting, children inspire and accompany professional teachers to stimulate their imagination and guide them to express the observed real world through lines and colors. It requires the wisdom of professional teachers to inspire and guide children so that they can maintain long-term interest in painting, praise and evaluate the artistic standard of children's creative painting, and make them full of confidence and willing to express the truth, goodness and beauty in their hearts. A space with a strong artistic atmosphere is conducive to children's quiet and free expression of their thoughts, to the expansion of children's creative thinking and to the enrichment of children's comprehensive qualities.


Children, Creative painting, Interesting creative thinking