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Investigation and Analysis of College Students' Cognition of Socialist Core Values

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.134


Jingang Bai

Corresponding Author

Jingang Bai


College students' understanding and internalization of socialist core values is directly related to the effect of cultivating and practicing socialist core values. The survey shows that the new era, as a new change and new situation, promotes college students 'perception of socialist core values to a better level and college students' correct understanding and mastery of the connotation of socialist core values has been comprehensively improved. New media has become the first choice for college students to recognize the core values of socialism and network has become the frontier of ideological struggle and competition for college students. It will be a long-term and arduous task to effectively cultivate college students 'behavior habits of practicing socialist core values.


College Students, Socialist Core Values, Cognition