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Research on Interactive Training of Enterprise Employees

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.130


Guidong Wang, Ming Qi, Chengduan Wang, Jinkui Hou, Shutian Lu, Chunlei Chen

Corresponding Author

Chunlei Chen


Employee training plays an indispensible role in enterprise development. Nowadays employee training is facing significant opportunities and challenges due to impacts of Internet. Interactive training is a promising solution to cope with this situation. This paper investigates on interactive training in the following aspects. First, it introduces that the construction of interactive employee training relies on five core elements. Second, it discusses the satisfaction evaluation methods of training. Third, it demonstrates that interactive training raises high demands on the underlying web service functionalities and explain the routine of satisfying the demands. It is hoped to contribute to the employee training of local companies


Employee training, Interactive training, Satisfaction evaluation, Web service upgrade