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Analysis on Enterprise Accounting Information Security in the Cloud Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.116


Huanhuan Qi, Xiaoli Liu, and Wenzhi Kang

Corresponding Author

Huanhuan Qi


The application of cloud accounting in enterprises improves the efficiency of accounting processing, but at the same time, the accounting information of enterprises is also facing security problems.In order to study the application status of cloud accounting in China and the risk problems faced in its development, this paper points out the consequences of the risk problems, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures to provide reference for enterprises, improve their own management and promote the promotion of cloud accounting. Through reading and analyzing the reference literature and browsing the authoritative information of the website to obtain the relevant content of cloud accounting, and through communication with the financial and related personnel of the unit, we know that the security problems of accounting information faced by enterprises in the cloud environment mainly come from cloud storage, system operation and so on. Based on the analysis of the causes of various security problems faced by enterprise accounting information under cloud environment, this paper puts forward some pertinent measures, such as perfecting laws and regulations, building network security in cloud environment, training and management of comprehensive talents in cloud accounting, in order to provide reference for ensuring enterprise accounting information security under cloud environment and promote the popularization process of cloud accounting in enterprise application.


Cloud environment, Cloud accounting, Accounting informationization, Information security, Data management