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Experiential Method in the Instruction of Humanistic Knowledge in Advanced English

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.110


Binshi Wang

Corresponding Author

Binshi Wang


When foreign language learners reach a certain level in foreign language learning, they find that the obstacles to foreign language learning do not come from the difficulty of language learning, but from the lack of social and cultural knowledge related to the target language and the ability of comprehension, induction and reasoning on the basis of understanding these humanistic knowledge. In the senior stage of foreign language teaching, the teacher should attach importance to the teaching of humanistic knowledge. Four experiential teaching methods are multimedia experience method, situational experience method, transposition experience method and communication experience method. They can give full play to students' initiative and establish a student-centered teaching mode, thus effectively enhancing the instruction effect of humanistic knowledge involved in the advanced English teaching and cultivating students' humanistic quality.


Experiential method, Advanced English, Humanistic knowledge