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Research on Economic Development Management of Poor Villages

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.105


Haijun Xie, Wei Wang, and Xue Liu

Corresponding Author

Haijun Xie


Taking Liuzhuang Village of Zaozhuang City as an example, this paper analyzes and studies the development situation of Liuzhuang Village through the investigation on three aspects including the income, consumption and labor mobility, etc. of villagers in Liuzhuang Village, finds out the factors influencing the economic development of Liuzhuang Village, such as poor condition of cultivated land and unreasonable agricultural structure, Liuzhuang Village being mainly with primary industry without the development of secondary industry and tertiary industry and villagers having a low level of education and their minds being not emancipated enough, etc. and puts forward some countermeasures according to the analyses of influencing factors.


Poor villages, Income, Consumption, Labor mobility, Influencing factors