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Current Situation and Future Opportunities of College English Education Based on MOOCs

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.102


Xiaofei Yang

Corresponding Author

Xiaofei Yang


After the year of 2012, MOOCs have flourished in China supported by advanced information technology. It fully realized the interaction between the teachers and students and the progress of the students' learning, which subverted the traditional teaching mode of the class-filling. This paper firstly summarized the platform of MOOCs, secondly analyzed the problems existing in college English education based on MOOCs, and finally put forward the threshold of reducing learning access, so that to increase the access channels of resources; the paper also put forward four suggestions: combining online and offline to increase the use of MOOCs; enhancing students' interest in autonomous learning to create a "student-centered" classroom, and innovating classroom teaching forms and learning evaluation criteria. This paper was of great significance to promote the development of college English education.


MOOCs, English education, Teaching resources, Reform