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Construction of Ecological Provisions for the Learning Environment of Second Language Acquisition

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.098


Yu Liu

Corresponding Author

Yu Liu


The theory of second language acquisition (SLA) is a comprehensive academic system, which contains many teaching and research models related to language education, and has gradually evolved into a variety of theoretical educational ideas, guiding the orderly development of English teaching activities in colleges and universities. The SLA learning environment emphasizes the influence of external environment on college students' English learning, and advocates that teachers should pay attention to the creation of subjective and objective environment during actual teaching and provide excellent conditions for English learning. Based on the author's study and practical experience, this paper first analyzed the theory of SLA and educational ecology, and then put forward how to improve ecological provisions for the learning environment of SLA.


Second language acquisition, Ecological provision, Teaching ecological niche, Co-evolution