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Major Identity of Tourism Management Major Based on Scale Development and Dimensional Measurement

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.091


Ying Cai, Wenya Li

Corresponding Author

Ying Cai


Major identity is an important core issue in major construction and has an important impact on the construction of major and the cultivation of talents. At present, most of the research on subject identification is in the aspects of ideological and political majors and education majors, and there is little research on the identification of tourism management major. The paper analyzes the subject identification of tourism management professionals from the four dimensions of individual, professional, social and industry with four undergraduate students majoring in tourism management. The experiment uses exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis to study the influence dimension and influencing factors of the major identification of tourism management. Studies have shown that professional learning, professional development and professional affiliation are the highest associated with disciplinary identity, that is, these three aspects have the greatest impact on disciplinary identity.


Tourism management, Major identity, Factor analysis