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Research on College English Autonomous Learning Based on Mobile Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.090


Dapeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Dapeng Wang


With the development of national strength and the establishment of friendship among nations, the independent learning of English has become more and more important. However, in the inherent college English learning method, the student's learning model is still rigid to receive the knowledge granted by the teacher. There is no self-understanding and learning for the knowledge point, and there is no self-learning in the true sense. The learning mode of mobile learning breaks the complexity of the previous learning mode and makes it more flexible to bring convenience to students in terms of time and space. Nowadays, the study of English autonomous learning for mobile learning is still not perfect. This paper is based on mobile learning to talk about students' self-learning English. Through the analysis on the application of mobile learning personalized platform and the comprehensive application of vocabulary, reading and listening in English, this paper concludes that mobile learning can effectively improve students' self-learning ability.


Mobile learning, College English, Independent learning