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Strategy of Training Blockchain Talents in Application-oriented Universities: A Case Study

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.087


Chunlei Chen, Chengduan Wang, Jinkui Hou, Lei Wang, Peng Zhang, Ronglong Xu, Xiuqing Qu, and Huihui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chengduan Wang


Blockchain is a recently emerging technology that can play a vital role in various applications. However, many industries are facing serious shortage of blockchain talents due to the complexity of blockchain technology. Moreover, undergraduates of application-oriented universities are particularly facing a daunting barrier to grasp blockchain technology. This paper investigates on the technical requirements of a local company in the city of Weifang and propose a strategy to train blockchain talents in application-oriented universities. It adopts a task-oriented mechanism to strengthen students’ mastery of the basic knowledge related to blockchain. Subsequently, it assigns more complex tasks to students and factorizes the task into a series of hands-on operations or programming sub-tasks, which all center at the blockchain developing framework. In this manner, technical concepts of blockchain are mapped to specific functions of a programming language, thus lowering the threshold for students to grasp blockchain. Finally, the students are trained through practical projects. The strategy has been applied in School of Computer Engineering of Weifang University, and some positive effects have been achieved.


Blockchain talents, Fundamental knowledge, Task-driven training, Project training