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Influences of Preschool Teachers' Health Perception on Children's Health Behavior in Kindergartens

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.081


Fang Tan, Xiaoying Hu, and Xin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xin Zhao


Early childhood is the key period for the development of children's physical and mental aspects. A healthy body is the source of all activities. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to the health of young children. By means of questionnaires, 285 teachers in 20 kindergartens in Chongqing City of China were investigated in terms of dietary health behavior, physical exercise health, disease prevention and control, and mental health behavior, so as to understand the influence of kindergarten teachers' health awareness on kindergarten children's health behavior. Finally, suggestions are put forward for teachers to guide children to acquire healthy behaviors. Teachers need to strengthen health knowledge learning and pay attention to health education; diversified teaching should be carried out to improve children's awareness of health-related concepts; kindergartens need to start with details, experience firsthand, and gradually develop healthy behaviors; kindergartens need to strengthen the implementation of health courses and pay attention to teachers' health status.


Children, Preschool teacher, Health, Kindergarten