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The Importance of Cultural Teaching and the Choice of Cultural Content in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.080


Hongjuan Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongjuan Liu


Teaching Chinese, as a foreign language (TCFL), with the aim of developing students’ communicative ability, includes both language teaching and cultural teaching. The lack of cultural teaching will cause misunderstandings or deviations in communication, as well as create obstacles in communication. Knowledge culture not only helps students to increase the understanding of knowledge, but also directly affects the efficiency of Chinese language learning. Foreign students may not communicate smoothly due to the lack of cultural knowledge in language practice. Therefore, cultural teaching is very important in TCFL. However, TCFL is mainly based on language teaching. Therefore, the choice of cultural teaching content should fully consider a lot of factors. Such as the native language cultural background of different students, the learning goals of different students, the learning environment and different stages of different students and the combination of nationality and times. Only in this way can the content of cultural teaching serve language teaching better, improve the learning efficiency of students, and promote the improvement of their communicative ability in Chinese.


TCFL, Cultural teaching, Importance, Choice