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Monitoring System for Bacterial Industry Based on ZigBee Protocol Stack and Networking

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.068


Lifen Wang, Hongyu Zhu, Mingtao Ma, and Lingyun Meng

Corresponding Author

Lifen Wang


In order to improve the production efficiency of the fungus industry, save the planting cost of the fungus industry and build an efficient production mode of the fungus industry, based on Internet plus's "smart bacteria industry" and supported by Internet of Things technology, the fungus intelligent greenhouse is constructed, and the ZigBee protocol stack and networking are used to realize the crop environmental monitoring system. The accurate acquisition and stable transmission of environmental temperature, humidity, gas concentration, light intensity and other data are formed, and the remote monitoring and management system for agricultural production is constructed.


Smart bacteria industry, ZigBee, Environmental monitoring