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The Thought on Whitehead's the Purpose of Education: Ideological and Political Education Oriented to Life Itself

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.063


Wanyi He

Corresponding Author

Wanyi He


Alfred North Whitehead, a British educator, believed that the purpose of education was to cultivate intelligent people, and the only theme of education is life. The "two precepts" and "two principles" in his educational thought have profound enlightening significance for examining various problems in contemporary education and teaching. With Whitehead's view of educational purpose, the development of ideological and political education can be considered in the new era. It is conducive to maintaining the reasonable tension between society and individuals, history and future, ideal and reality, and pushing ideological and political education to break through the bottleneck and achieve better development.


Whitehead, The purpose of education, Return to life, Ideological and political education