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Evaluation of Learning Effect of CDIO Education Model Based on Bayesian Network

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.054


Xilian Song, and Tianyi Xu

Corresponding Author

Xilian Song


The CDIO syllabus expresses the engineering basic knowledge, personal ability, interpersonal team ability and the whole process ability of CDIO that engineers must have in a step-by-step way. The CDIO capability index is not only the training goal of every major in the university, but also test index to evaluate the effect of students’ training. According to working practice of TOPCARES-CDIO education model in university, the author puts forward to evaluate the students’ ability index according to the students’ curriculum/project achievement, and establishes the model by using Bayesian network, describing the relationship between teachers’ rating of students’ ability indexes and employer’s rating on students’ work ability. The model can be used to predict the degree to which the students in university meet the needs of the employer’s work. Based on this, the model can also make students know how to carry out the further study and make the teacher know the whole situation of their teaching objects so as to adjust the teaching plan, teaching content and even the professional training plan.


CDIO, Effect evaluation, Bayesian network