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Research on SAP Implementation Consultant Talent Cultivation under OBE-CDIO Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.049


Yanling Li, Guojun Sheng, Yimin Zhang, and Fengjun Sun

Corresponding Author

Yanling Li


With the increasing competition of enterprises, SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) system has become more and more an enterprise to improve the level of informatization, solve management bottlenecks and improve it due to its perfect functions, mature technology and rich practice. An effective means of competitiveness. The demand for professional SAP technology application talents is in short supply, and the number of students sent from our school to the company every year is increasing. This paper takes the training path of the SAP implementation consultant of information management and information system as an example. Based on the OBE-CDIO (Outcomes, based, Education, Conceive, Design, Implement, Opate) education model, it is constructed to meet the requirements. CDIO standard SAP application-type talent training model, training plan, curriculum, teaching mode, teaching quality evaluation and supervision system. Horizontal integration and industrial integration of internal and external practice environment, school-enterprise cooperation practice base and other resources, to achieve school-enterprise professional joint construction, collaborative education; vertical training according to the needs of enterprises to set training objectives, the development of graduation standards, reverse reversal ability indicators, according to The quality, knowledge and ability of the consultant should be implemented. The curriculum system should be set up in accordance with the logic of the professional knowledge, and the results of the students should be carefully set for each link to form a knowledge base of courses, topics, projects, activities and practical practices. Finally, the talent development model of the progressive development of production, education and research integration will be formed, and the SAP system application specialty talents will be created to meet the needs of enterprises for high-level implementation of consultant application talents.


OBE-CDIO, Enterprise information, SAP implementation consultant, Talent Cultivation