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Research on the Application of Statistical Analysis in Asset Valuation Market Method

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.048


Jingdong Yan, Qi Tian

Corresponding Author

Jingdong Yan


Statistical analysis of data is the basis of asset evaluation, and it is widely used in asset evaluation. The operation of market method is simple and the results are easy to understand. However, due to the imperfect market and incomparable information, market method has difficulties in obtaining reference materials and adjusting indicators. This paper combines the statistical method with the market method of asset evaluation, uses cluster analysis to detect the reference selected in the corresponding market, and then uses SPSS software to test the correlation between the selected indicators and the evaluation value, and uses grey correlation analysis to determine the weight of the reference to improve the asset appraisal market law.


Statistical method, Market method, Cluster analysis, Correlation test, Grey relational analysis