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Thinking and Discussion on the Development of Chinese Medicinal Materials Sales APP

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.043


Qiuyi Liu, Kaili Chen, Qingqing Xie, and Wen He

Corresponding Author

Wen He


Traditional Chinese medicinal materials are a key part of the Chinese medicine industry, but as far as the Chinese medicinal materials markets is concerned, the quality of Chinese traditional medicinal materials needs to be standardized. Nowadays, Chinese traditional medicinal materials are more and more recognized by the current people. In some families, some medicinal materials are often used as health care products. In recent years, the status of traditional Chinese medicinal materials in China has been gradually promoted under the promotion of policies. With the development of Internet + strategy, the traditional Chinese medicinal materials network trade industry has also ushered in a good development opportunity. This paper takes the Chinese medicinal materials sales APP as an example, based on the current development, uses SWOT analysis to evaluate it, and puts forward suggestions for future development.


Traditional Chinese medicinal materials, APP, Medicinal materials market, SWOT analysis