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Research on Effective Supply Path of Preschool Education in Chongqing under the Background of Supply-side Structural Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.040


Libin Guo

Corresponding Author

Libin Guo


In the current social reality context of "it is difficult to enter high-quality and low-cost kindergartens", increasing the supply of high-quality inclusive preschool education resources has become an important part of promoting the overall supply-side structural reform. At present, the development of preschool education in Chongqing has contradictions between supply and demand of resources in terms of capital, labor force and innovation. It is urgent for the government to accurately connect the core constraints such as mismatch of supply and demand, uneven development and ineffective market operation from the perspective of supply-side structural reform, reform the mechanism of resource supply and guarantee, optimize the integration of resources to solve the decline of marginal benefits of investment, and improve the mechanism to promote the same frequency resonance between the government and the market.


Inclusive private kindergartens, Supply-side structural reform, Path