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Exploring Reform Effects of English Reading Course under Applied Talent Cultivation Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.037


Junling Yan

Corresponding Author

Junling Yan


Chinese Ministry of Education clearly put forward the strategy of cultivating applied talents in 2014 and would lead a group of universities to application technical transformation in the annual work points. In the new training mode, many colleges and universities in China began to implement reform curriculum in response to the reform of our Ministry of Education about the new strategy of university construction and talent cultivation. Our university has also carried on the reform named double change since 2013 in order to break its original personnel training mode. In such a situation, English major also wants to carry on English teaching reform continuously so as to keep pace with the development of our university and the exploration of the education in China[1]. And the reform of English reading course as a main course for English majors for cultivating students plays a decisive role. This paper will be based on analyzing the conditions of English reading course after its teaching model reform to explore effectiveness and necessity, making English professional teachers to carry out their teaching better and cultivating good English professional applied talents.


Applied talents, Curriculum reform of English reading, Effect inquiries