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Research on the Development Strategy of Ceramic Culture and Creative Industries under the Strategy of "Belt and Road" -- Taking Jingdezhen as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.035


Dawei Ke

Corresponding Author

Dawei Ke


The strategy of "Belt and Road" is the policy of the state to promote the common development of the countries surrounding the Silk Road. As a typical carrier of traditional Chinese culture, ceramics must play a more significant role in cultural exchange and inheritance under the background of "Belt and Road" strategy. Jingdezhen, the Millennium ceramics capital, is an important representative of China's ceramics culture. It is of great responsibility to construct the creative industry of ceramics culture and promote its development. Based on the "Belt and Road" strategy, this paper explores and analyzes the development of Jingdezhen ceramic culture and creative industries, and puts forward suggestions for development and countermeasures.


Belt and Road, Ceramic culture, Creative industry, Development strategy