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The Educational Significance and Enlightening Role of the Books Analects and Great Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.032


Hengbo Yang

Corresponding Author

Hengbo Yang


The Chinese civilization is so deep and great that it has influenced the development of every filed as politics, economy, education and etc. With China entering the new era, the influence of Confucianism shows its great power and greatness that play an important part in making country develop in a harmonious and healthy way. Two books, the Analects and the Great Learning, cover many valuable thoughts which are worth studying for the purpose of educational significance and enlightening role in the path to building up well-off society. The paper aims at analyzing some important values contained in these two books so as to demonstrate the virtues and morality for cultivating students’ awareness of how to develop personal abilities to adapt the changing society.


Educational significance, Enlightening role, Confucianism