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Analysis of the Factors of Population Flow in Liaoning Province based on FAVAR model

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.030


Qisong Zhang, Qian Chen, Shuang Gao

Corresponding Author

Qisong Zhang


With the implementation of the policy of revitalizing the old industrial bases in Northeast China, the cities of Liaoning Province have continuously exchanged and cooperated outside the province and the province. The frequency of population movements in various cities in Liaoning Province has been increasing. Analysis of the influencing factors of the floating population has important practical significance for retaining talents in Liaoning Province and revitalizing the overall economy. Because of the many factors affecting population mobility, the traditional VAR model cannot describe the relationship between more scalars and the floating population, so this paper uses In the FAVAR model, more suitable variables are included in the model, and the relationship between these variables and the floating population is analyzed by impulse response. Finally, through the empirical analysis results provide some valuable suggestions for the relevant government.


Population Flow, FAVAR Model, Impulse Response