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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Mode of Network Engineering Professionals

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.028


Qilang Liang

Corresponding Author

Qilang Liang


In recent years, the network engineering specialty, as a specialty with the characteristics of practical skills training, adheres to the path of innovation and entrepreneurship education, and increases the students' opportunities for practice. Because of the discipline characteristics of the network engineering specialty, the employment scope of graduates is flexible and extensive, and the threshold for starting a business is also very low. However, the existing mode of education is not far from the real mode of innovation and entrepreneurship education. Through the analysis, this paper points out that the training of network engineering talents in colleges and universities needs a clear orientation of service area and the orientation of training level. The training mode of network engineering talents into the education of entrepreneurship is a kind of characteristic model derived from the interaction of the social and economic changes in colleges and universities, and it can become a promotion of the network engineering in colleges and universities, and a new strategy for the quality of talent training.


Network engineering, Innovation, Teaching reform, Personnel training