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Metacognitive Monitoring in English Writing

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.024


Binshi Wang

Corresponding Author

Binshi Wang


As for the role of metacognitive strategies in English acquisition, domestic and foreign studies mainly focus on the role of metacognitive strategies in the training of listening, speaking, reading, translation and other skills. There is still limited research on the relationship between metacognitive strategies and writing, and there is still much room for the study of the correlation between English writing instruction and metacognitive monitoring working as the core of metacognitive strategies. By applying the theory of metacognitive monitoring to the teaching of English writing, this paper observes the influence of metacognitive monitoring on English writing instruction and seeks the feasible methods to cultivate students' metacognitive monitoring ability. This paper holds that students’ metacognitive monitoring ability is directly proportional to their English writing proficiency, especially at the linguistic level of English writing. The main metacognitive monitoring method adopted by students is self-examination.


Metacognitive monitoring, English writing instruction, Language level, Self-examination