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Research on the Ecological Civilization and the "Two-Oriented Society" Building

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.023


Yong Fu

Corresponding Author

Yong Fu


In Mid-20th century the ecological, environmental and resource pressures have shown an increasing ecological crisis, a threat to the global problem of human survival and sustainable social development. This marks the curtain of the traditional industrial civilization came to a history, and the birth of a new civilization --- ecological civilization. However, from an historical perspective ecological civilization is not a product of Western industrial civilization, but from the four ancient civilizations, especially in China to create, promote and extend down. As a new form of civilization, ecological civilization provide important strategic opportunities for the Chinese nation's rejuvenation, but also in contemporary China it has put forward a new historic mission. The Central of the party regarded the "two-oriented society" building as a basic national policy, the party regarded ecological civilization construction as a governing concept, the implementation of the basic national policy needs for guidance the concept of governing. With the concept of ecological civilization construction to guide the "two-oriented society," the building is the reflection and the basic requirements of implementing the scientific development concept and building a socialist harmonious society in the new historical period.


Ecological civilization, "Two-oriented society", Scientific development, harmonious society, Nature