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The Study of Security, Perceived Social Support and Peer Relationship among College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.018


Ying Wang, Jing Chen, Songxin Shi, Wenxiu Jin, Min Zhang, Shuo Zhao, and Jingjing Chen

Corresponding Author

Wenxiu Jin


Objective: To explore the status and relevance of college students' sense of security, comprehension of social support level and peer relationship. Methods: Questionnaire survey was used to analyze the statistical analysis with SPSS21.0. This paper used t test, analysis of variance, correlation analysis and regression analysis. Results: 1. The level of safety was only different between urban and rural sources (t=5.527, p=0.020<0.05).By stepwise regression analysis, the peer relationship as the dependent variable Y, interpersonal security X1 and total social support score X2 as independent variables, the equation was statistically significant. Y = 26.898 + 0.183 X1 + 0.285 X2. Conclusion: The safety level of college students from urban sources is higher. The higher the level of social support, the stronger the sense of security and the more harmonious the relationship.


College student, Perceived social support, Security, Peer relationship