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Non-profit Organization Accounting in the Internet Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.016


Qiyu Huang

Corresponding Author

Qiyu Huang


The advent of the Internet era has promoted the continuous development and innovation of public welfare undertakings. The public welfare communication channel has been transformed from a single mode of text, image, audio and video to a new mode of multimedia mixing under the traditional mode; at the same time, new models of new nonprofit organizations and public welfare operations have emerged, and “public welfare entrepreneurship” has arisen and attracted attention. With the rapid spread of Internet applications in recent years, online non-profit organizations and public welfare activities have flourished, decentralization, platforms, crowdfunding and other methods have swept the entire philanthropic community. The accounting environment of non-profit organizations has undergone great changes, and the non-profit organization accounting system. The applicable accounting assumptions face a full challenge. The new changes in public welfare in these Internet eras have placed higher demands on the accounting of non-profit organization


Internet, Public welfare entrepreneurship, Non-profit organization accounting