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Literary Creation of Zhang Ailing based on the Educational System of the Republic of China

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.013


Jieqiong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jieqiong Zhou


The education a person receives, especially in his early years, has a vital influence on the formation of his thoughts and emotions. To a certain extent, the life experience of a writer and the education accepted in school after his childhood play an important role in the direction of his life. It is the same for Zhang Ailing. The unique life experience made Zhang Ailing accept the edification of Chinese traditional culture and western modern civilization since her childhood, which played an important role in the literary creation for Zhang Ailing. Based on the author's learning and practical experience, this paper first analyzes Zhang Ailing's educational experience based on the educational system of the Republic of China, and then studies the influence of these experiences on the literary creation style of Zhang Ailing.


Zhang ailing, The republic of china, Educational system, Literary creation