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The Current Situation and Analysis of the “Geometer’s Sketchpad” in Mathematics Teaching in Secondary School

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.012


Yu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yu Wang


The integration of information technology into mathematics (abbreviated as math) classroom has become a teaching trend in the new era. Geometer’s Sketchpad, with its simple operation and powerful animation function, has changed the traditional teaching method of math, and is favored by teachers and students. In this paper, the main functions of Geometer’s Sketchpad is briefly introduced. Through questionnaire survey, from the aspects of teachers’ attitudes and usage, it can be seen that more than half of the teachers are familiar with Geometer’s Sketchpad and use it in math teaching. The main reasons for not being used frequently are: heavy teaching tasks for high school and college entrance examinations, tight time, insufficient computer knowledge, unfamiliar operation and so on.


The geometer’s sketchpad, Function, Mathematics teaching in secondary schools