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Research on the Cultivation of Talents with Craftsman's Spirit in the Leather Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.011


Yongxiong Zhang, Liangming Wang

Corresponding Author

Yongxiong Zhang


Cultivating craftsman talent is the requirement of new era. In the final analysis, market competition is the competition of talents and the competition of people's knowledge and ability. These talents are the key to promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, the guarantee for enterprises to gain competitive advantage, the important driving force for manufacturing high-quality products, and an important way to enhance the cultural environment. Based on the author's learning and practical experience, this paper first analyzes the significance of the craftsmanship talents' cultivation, and then proposes the countermeasures for the cultivation of talents with craftsman's spirit in the leather industry.


Leather industry, Talent cultivation, Craftsman's spirit