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Analysis and Research on Higher Mathematics Teaching Methods Based on the Background of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.006


Jirong Lv, Shihu Wang, Xiaoli Cheng, and Qianjuan Tuo

Corresponding Author

Jirong Lv


In recent years, the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship and professional education has made rapid progress in colleges and universities. The greatest change for teachers and students is the change of educational administration and the construction of teaching platforms, as well as the transformation of student affairs. In order to meet the needs of this society, advanced mathematics has also begun bold reforms. On the basis of earnestly analyzing the characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship education, combined with China's own teaching practice, this paper studies the problems existing in traditional higher mathematics innovation education, and analyzes why innovative education should support entrepreneurship education in higher mathematics teaching, proposes a new model of entrepreneurship education in higher mathematics innovation, and promotes the development of advanced mathematics teaching.


Innovation and entrepreneurship, Advanced mathematics, Teaching methods