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Research on the Development Status of International Fashion Design and Engineering Major in the Information Technology Age

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.44


Jun Yin

Corresponding Author

Jun Yin


Considering the research findings of international fashion design and engineering major from 2014 to 2017, there are four obvious trends. Firstly, the research of smart clothing shows clearly upward trend, smart clothing design is generally divided into two categories: the common health monitoring clothing and disease monitoring clothing. However, there are still many disadvantages in the existing products. Secondly, the number of functional clothing design findings is second to intelligent clothing design; besides, it is higher than any other types of design research. The current research focuses on two aspects: the positioning of functional clothing design and product technology implementation. Thirdly, with the rapid breakthrough trend of information interaction technology, the original mode of clothing product design, production, sales, management and other departments has changed. The main achievements are as follows: 3D simulation (3D) and clothing virtual fitting, VR virtual reality technology and clothing e-commerce, two-dimensional code virtual sales mode, etc.. Fourthly, with the help of big data network and advanced computer programming design, more research makes in-depth analysis on contemporary clothing consumption behavior and consumers’ psychology and demand, which accordingly helps formulate scientific and systematic clothing marketing strategy and management program.


Clothing design and engineering, Smart clothing, Information interaction technology, Big data.