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Research on Experiential Teaching Mode of Logistics Management in Colleges and Universities Guided by Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/icemc.2019.002


Guibin Zhang, Jirong Lv, and Lifan Feng

Corresponding Author

Guibin Zhang


The wave of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” has been launched nationwide, and many disciplines in colleges and universities across the country have been based on “double innovation”. The reform of the practical teaching system of capacity development, the application-oriented discipline represented by the logistics management profession is ahead of the reform. The research on the practical teaching system of logistics management profession has attracted more and more people's attention. They put forward a variety of practical teaching talent training models. Based on the discussion of the importance of practical teaching, this paper starts from the problems of practical teaching under the goal of "double innovation" and combines the actual development of practical teaching of logistics management in Fuyang Teachers College, and establishes a practical system of practical management of logistics management in colleges and universities, including practice links, skills improvement practice links, comprehensive competence practice links, and security systems.


New venture, Logistics management major, Practical teaching