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Mechanisms of Docetaxel Resistance in Breast Cancer Cells

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.036


Qiang Jing, Zhiliang Cong, Liang Guo

Corresponding Author

Liang Guo


Breast cancer is a common malignant tumor in women. The incidence of breast cancer in China is increasing year by year. Drug resistance in cancer cells is an important reason for the failure of breast cancer treatment. Drug-resistant cell lines are important models for studying the occurrence and reversal of MDR in tumors. This paper established a docetaxel-resistant human breast cancer cell line in vitro by low dose incremental induction, and studied its biological and drug resistance mechanism. It was pointed out that overexpression of MDR1 gene and protein was one of the main mechanisms of acquired drug resistance.


Docetaxel resistance, Breast cancer cells, Mechanisms