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The Influence of Social Support and Coping Style on Drug Treatment Compliance of Hypertension Patients in Community

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.033


Jiahui Wu, Jinghua Liu, Jiang Jing, Li Gang

Corresponding Author

Jinghua Liu


To explore the influencing factors and Countermeasures of drug treatment compliance of elderly hypertensive patients in community. The author used the self-made questionnaire on medication compliance of hypertensive patients to conduct a random questionnaire survey on hypertensive patients managed by community hospitals. The results showed that the specific reasons for the poor compliance of hypertensive patients with drug treatment were mostly because the patients forgot to take medicine because of poor memory, and stopped taking medicine because of the normal blood pressure relief of conscious symptoms. The patients thought that it was unnecessary to take medicine because of the mild symptoms, and that the blood pressure could not be alleviated after taking medicine. Therefore, it leads to the relatively poor compliance of drug treatment in hypertensive patients with hypertension in the district. The older the age, the lower the education level, the more the medications, the more medications, the worse the medication compliance. Influencing factors are related to health education guidance, thereby improving medication compliance, improving treatment outcomes, and improving prognosis.


Social support, Coping style, Community, Hypertensive patients, Medication compliance