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Efficient and Specific Analysis of Complement Regulatory Proteins in Transgenic Animals on Xenotransplantation

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.028


Yining Deng

Corresponding Author

Yining Deng


With the continuous development of modern medicine, organ transplantation has increasingly become an important part of clinical medicine. Medical researchers have made new contributions to the ultra-acute rejection of xenotransplantation by the more mature genetic engineering technology of cell biology. Xenotransplantation faces many difficulties among which the immune rejection is the first and foremost problem that must be solved. According to the theory of xenograft immunology, using transgenic technology to create transgenic animals which could overcome hyperimmune rejection is another dedication of xenograft study. It can be predicted that transgenic animals have great prospects allowing xenografts to enter clinical practice. It’s mounting recognized that the modification of transgenic animals might be directed to vascular endothelial cells and construct specific transcriptional regulatory elements in the founding of transgenic animal. This article will review recent studies on the theory of xenograft immunology and up-to date researches using transgenic animals to overcome immune rejection.


Xenograft, transgenic, rejection