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Study on freckle-removing activity of extracts from Sapindus vulgaris on mice

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.023


Shengxue Zhou, Renming Hou, Chunlin Zhao, Dongbo Zhao

Corresponding Author

Shengxue Zhou


Sapinia is a plant of Sapinaceae, whose rhizomes, barks, leaves and fruits can be used as medicines. And it has many effects, can be used to treat throat pain, cough and asthma, food stagnation, abnormal leucorrhea, scabies, sores, swelling and poisoning. Therefore, the author carried out a related study on the freckle-removing activity of the extract of Sapinia vulgaris in mice. Therefore, the active freckle component of the Sapindus extract is understood to inhibit the formation of melanin by acting on the formation of melanin in the skin and the corresponding stage of the metabolic pathway, thereby achieving the whitening and freckle action. According to relevant experimental studies, the extract of Sapindus can have a good freckle effect on the skin quality of mice, indicating that the extract of Sapindus has a certain enhancement effect on the freckle activity of mice.


Sapindus extract, mice, freckle activity