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Preparation of Epoxy Wilsoniana Fruit Oil with Peracetic Acid

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.021


Fei Zhang, Chengguo Liu, Yonghong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Fei Zhang


In this study, epoxy wilsoniana fruit oil (EWFO) was prepared using peracetic acid. The reaction time, temperature, and amounts of acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and concentrated sulfuric acid were studied for their influence on the epoxy value of the products. The optimum reaction conditions of EWFO were obtained by using the orthogonal experiment method. The structure and properties of the products were characterized by IR, 1H NMR, and GPC. Results showed that the optimum reaction conditions are as follows: mass ratio of (WFO):(acetic acid):(hydrogen peroxide):(concentrated sulfuric acid) of 30:11:28:0.1, reaction temperature of 75 °C, and reaction time of 1 h. The epoxy value of EWFO can reach 4.08% under these reaction conditions.


Wilsoniana fruit oil, Epoxidation, Epoxy Value, Orthogonal Experiment