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Study on Lipopeptide Antifungal Agents for Cultural Relics

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.015


Kecheng Zhang, Yuanxu Jiang, Mingxiu Xin

Corresponding Author

Mingxiu Xin


In the field of cultural relics protection, the common physical and chemical anti-mildew methods are far from satisfaction. This article aims to testify the anti-fungi effects of lipopeptides from the fermentation liquid produced by Bacillus subtilis strains ○5-1 and G61. The results of TLC chromatography proved that the anti-fungi activity resulted in fengycin and other lipopetides and we combined multivariable analysis with Oxford plate experiments to obtain the best fermentation formula. Lipopetide-mildew-inhibitor was confirmed both safe and effective by physical simulation and the anti-mildew tests on cultural relics, which proved lipopetide was an idealistic mildew-inhibitor in cultural relic protection.


Cultural relic protection, Bacillus subtilis, lipopeptide, mould