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The Application of Microorganisms in Ecological Restoration of Desertification

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.013


Liu Lijie, Liu Pingsheng, Qin Dezhi, An Xiaoliang, Zhao Li, Liu Xuefeng

Corresponding Author

Liu Lijie


In view of the serious soil pollution and ecological damage in China, microbial remediation is proposed. By introducing the basic situation of microorganisms, the research progress of microorganisms in remediation and treatment of typical contaminated soils, such as heavy metal pollution, organic pollution, salinization and desertification, was reviewed. At the same time, some suggestions on the problems and shortcomings of microbial remediation of soil were put forward in order to provide reference for soil ecological remediation in China. This paper reviews the research on desertification and its ecological restoration with the library as the background. From the aspects of scientific development trend, ecological environment degradation and the reality of restoration research, several core issues in desertification and ecological restoration research are discussed: vegetation process research, ecological water process research, landscape process research, and environmental assessment.


Microorganisms, Algae, Desertification, Ecological Restoration