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Study on Microbial Treatment Technology of Coal Gasification Coking Wastewater Based on Fractal Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.010


Wenxiu Li, Lingkun Rong, Fengjun Jia

Corresponding Author

Fengjun Jia


Microbial treatment technology is to immobilize free microorganisms on carriers by chemical or physical means to improve microbial density and maintain their activity. According to the pore structure of particles and the phenomena of pore opening, enlargement and convergence accompanied by gasification process, the percolation and fragmentation phenomena in gasification process are described. By applying the concept of fractal theory to the study of coal char gasification, the initial population is firstly subjected to fractalization, mimicry and other operations and then evolutionary calculation, so that the generated building has the characteristics of fractal self-similarity. The variation law of pore structure parameters in coal char gasification process accords with a certain fractal relationship. Studies have shown that microbial treatment technology may be an effective method to deal with underground underground gasification and organic pollution of groundwater. In the future, it is necessary to strengthen the breeding and domestication of strains, create conditions for the cultivation of microorganisms, and combine the sewage treatment equipment and other processes to achieve good treatment results.


Fractal, Underground Coal Gasification, Wastewater, Coking, Microbial Treatment