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Study on Seedling Propagation Techniques and Laws of Different Provenances of Rhododendron

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DOI: 10.25236/ibmc.2019.002


Mei Tang, Xiaojie Liu, Min Xiao, Fang Liu

Corresponding Author

Mei Tang


The adaptability and growth characteristics of different red carp provenances in different regions were selected to select suiTable good provenances. In this paper, the leaf traits, ground diameter and plant height growth of different provenances of red peony were observed. Test and related analysis. It indicates that there are extremely significant differences between different provenances, regardless of ground diameter, plant height, or length and width of compound leaves, length and width of leaflets, and number of leaflets. This paper also discusses the breeding and breeding techniques of red carp, as well as the growth pattern.


Red carp, seedling stage of different provenances, reproductive technology, growth law