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Dispatching and Optimal Operation of Power Grid based on Smart Grid Dispatching

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.37


Denghui Cheng

Corresponding Author

Denghui Cheng


In view of the current situation of large-scale centralized development of new energy sources in China, the necessity of developing new energy dispatching and the characteristics of new energy dispatching are analyzed. In view of the traditional scheduling technology support system has been unable to cope with large-scale new energy grid to grid dispatching operation challenges, introduces a new energy coordination optimization scheduling method based on multi time scale, including the annual / monthly consumption of new energy plan, and before the days of rolling scheduling, and scheduling is based on smart grid the application of control system design platform, new energy technology support system. This system can realize the coordinated scheduling of multiple time scale of the new energy, gradually reduce the prediction error of new energy, to ensure maximum safety of new energy consumption. The research results have been applied in 16 national grid / provincial power grids.


Operation, Power grid, Smart Grid, Dispatching.