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College students "peer support" education mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.31


Xinhua Yao, Yunheng Zheng

Corresponding Author

Yunheng Zheng


The university to carry out the "peer support" has important practical significance to education, on the one hand is an important supplement to carry out the ideological and political education, on the other hand is an effective means of students' self education, also enhance the innovative ways of Ideological and political education appeal. The combination of tradition and innovation and the principle of equality and the appropriate combination of peer education is an important principle to follow in the main work. Improve the "peer support" education system, strengthen the comprehensive ability of peer educators, build a multi-dimensional education platform is an effective strategy of "peer support" education mode in Colleges and universities. "Peer support" education is the important content of China's colleges and universities to carry out ideological and political education. Through the exchange of learning with the same background and similar experiences of friends or peers, and to form a correct outlook on life and values, in a lofty ideal and firm faith at the same time, it is helpful to solve university student occupation career planning, interpersonal relationships and mental health problems. With the continuous development of China's higher education, college enrollment has expanded each year, according to the characteristics of students self management and development of innovative education and practice management mode is an important issue facing the ideological and political education work.


Peer support, Education mode, Exploration.