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The Constraint-based Computer Editing Techniques of the Athlete Action Image

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.30


Guo sheng

Corresponding Author

Guo sheng


With the development of the motion capture technology, abundant realistic human motion capture data have been widely used in many areas of the computer screen making. Tracking, capturing and analyzing human motion, we can further study each link of the athlete action techniques to help the quantitative analysis. Meanwhile, combined with human physiology and sports biomechanics, the training methods can be improved. Therefore, the movement training doesn’t depend on experience, instead, comes into a theorized and digital age. The constraint-based editing techniques, which alter motions, preserve specific spatial features. This paper researches the basic theory of human motion editing and describes the motion techniques of the human hierarchical joint model. On the base of researching the key frame editing and processing method, a small motion editing system can be formed by using Matlab tool to achieve various technical simulations.


Sonstraint, Athlete action, Editing techniques motion editing, Key frame.