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The Application Research on the Computer Virtual Technology and Modeling Technology in the Sports Movement Simulation

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.29


Guo sheng

Corresponding Author

Guo sheng


In this paper, the virtual reality technology how used in the simulation system is studied, of which the practicality and limitation is analyzed. Graphics modeling technology used in the simulation of the system is regarded as a starting point and a combining point. The author expounds the theoretical basis and key technology of the graphical modeling and virtual reality technology application in sport simulation, and describes the sports technology of joint chain model on human body levels. In graphics modeling, the virtual reality technology is organically combined to realize the simulation scene demonstration system based on virtual reality modeling language VRML. The computer virtual technology and modeling technology can be used in the further research on athlete actions and help the quantitative analysis of specific actions, having the important meaning for improving the training methods.


Virtual technology, Modeling technology, Sports, The simulation.