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Study on the promoting role of dragon boat movement in cultivating college students' team consciousness

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.26


Hongchun Jia, Songbo He, Shiyang Ding, Zhouwei Yao

Corresponding Author

Songbo He


the dragon boat is our outstanding traditional sports project, has a long history, rich cultural connotation, the fitness effect is outstanding, especially in recent years, based on the support of the country national traditional sports project, has been developed for the dragon boat sport has a certain influence and welcome the broad masses of Chinese traditional sports, play a positive role the dragon boat culture heritage. At the same time, the Dragon Boat Sport for athletes in the game together, forge ahead in unity and hard work, which coincides with the modern campus culture and school spirit construction goal is consistent, which promotes the rapid development of Dragon Boat Sports Project in Colleges and universities. This paper studies the impact of dragon boat race on team spirit of college students, and reveals the effect and influence of dragon boat training on team spirit of College students.


Dragon Boat race, Team consciousness, Promoting role.