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Analysis of Special Features and Training Methods of Dragon Boat Sports in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icsemc.2017.25


Hongchun Jia, Songbo He, Kaili Ren, Yunpeng Hu

Corresponding Author

Songbo He


As the traditional dragon boat sport project has been widely developed in Colleges and universities, this paper through the analysis of special features and characteristics of college athletes of dragon boat racing, discussed from the two aspects of the basic qualities of athletes and athletes training, electronic mobilization special quality should be the body shape, body function, the three aspects of quality assessment at the same time, the training content, principles and methods are discussed. The Chinese history of more than five thousand years has accumulated a variety of cultural forms. Dragon boat culture, as a branch of sports culture, has added vitality to the socialist cultural system. In the eighteen report, Hu Jintao pointed out, "culture is the blood of the nation and the spiritual home of the people", which reflects the party's respect for and recognition of the national culture. As a traditional sport, dragon boat has a long cultural background and unique charm, which is well received by the people. After 1990, China's dragon boat movement to the international arena, in 1994 was listed as a national Dragon Boat Race project, Chinese Dragon Boat Association was founded on 1985, which marks the transition to the standard, the size of the Dragon Boat Sport competitions. China won many times in the World Dragon Boat Championships, pushing the Dragon Boat Sport to the world, to promote and show the Chinese character and style has opened the door of national culture, inheritance and development of dragon boat culture will enrich our country sports culture content.


Dragon boat movement, Special features, Training methods.